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· 3 min read
Lark Birdy

At Cuckoo.Network, we're glad to announce a milestone in our journey. We've ascended into the top 1M sites globally within two months, a testament to our rapid growth and the robust support from our community.

Celebrating a Small Milestone: Cuckoo.Network in the Top 1M Global Sites

This achievement isn't just a number; it's a reflection of our commitment to innovation and excellence in the AI and Web3 sectors. Starting with decentralized image generation, we’ve expanded our horizons to support various AI models, catering to the needs of generative app builders.

A Glimpse of Our Journey

In just two months, we've made remarkable strides. Here’s a snapshot of our current standing:

  • Global Rank: #814,037
  • Country Rank in Afghanistan: #419
  • Pages per Visit: 24.94
  • Average Visit Duration: 00:15:12

These numbers highlight the engagement and trust our users place in our platform. Each visit and interaction is a step towards a decentralized, AI-driven future.

What This Milestone Means

Reaching the top 1M sites globally underscores our platform’s value and the growing interest in decentralized AI solutions. Our community's support fuels our drive to innovate and enhance the Cuckoo.Network experience.

The Road Ahead

Our journey is far from over. This milestone is a motivation to push boundaries and elevate our offerings. We aim to broaden our platform's capabilities, making AI model serving even more accessible and efficient for developers worldwide.

  • Genesis
    • Cuckoo Network official website
    • Cuckoo Chain Testnet Alpha for metering computing unit credits
    • Whitepaper and initial documentation
    • Cuckoo Pay initial demo
    • Cuckoo AI initial demo
  • Testnet
    • Introduce bridges
    • Cuckoo Portal and smart contracts
  • Pilot Alpha
    • Token generation event
    • Onboard one AI project to Cuckoo Pay
    • Onboard one AI project to Cuckoo AI
  • Mainnet Dry Run
    • incentive validator program
  • Mainnet
    • ecosystem and grants
    • hackathons
    • native stablecoin

Join Us

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Whether you're a developer, miner, or AI enthusiast, Cuckoo.Network offers a platform where your contributions are valued and rewarded.

Thank you for being with us on this journey. Together, we're building a future where decentralized AI serves as a cornerstone of innovation.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we continue to grow and evolve.

· 4 min read
Lark Birdy

Cuckoo Network is the first Decentralized AI Model Serving Marketplace rewarding AI enthusiasts, developers, and GPU miners with crypto tokens. On our platform, miners share their GPUs with generative AI app builders, aka coordinators, in order to run inference for end customers, so that all the contributors can earn crypto tokens.

Staking and mining tokens with GPU

When miners share their GPUs, how to ensure they are not faking results? Cuckoo Network establishes trust and integrity through staking, rewards, and slashing. Today we are glad to announce that stakers can join our testnet and secure trust for this decentralized AI network.

Join the testnet today

For stakers

  1. Get CAI tokens from faucet
  2. Stake tokens at the staking portal
  3. Vote for coordinators or miners

Cuckoo Portal - Staking

For GPU miners

  1. Get CAI tokens by contacting admins from or
  2. Stake > 20K tokens at the staking portal
  3. Register minerAddress and introduction information. The minerAddress is recommended to be different from your staker address.
  4. Run miner node with the minerAddress’s private key

For Coordinators

  1. Get CAI tokens by contacting admins from or
  2. Stake > 2M tokens at the staking portal
  3. Register coordinatorAddress and introduction information. The coordinatorAddress is recommended to be different from your staker address.
  4. Run the coordinator node with the minerAddress’s private key

How it works?

The entire system takes a couple of roles to work together:

  • GPU Miner Staker: Individuals or entities running computation resources to execute AI tasks. They hold CAI tokens with a wallet to stake in the network. The more they stake, the higher the chances that they will get assigned GPU tasks.
  • App Builders (Coordinator Staker): Developers creating AI applications on top of Cuckoo Network, overseeing task distribution and quality control. They carry CAI tokens with a wallet to stake in the network. The more they stake, the higher the chances that they will get GPU miners who are willing to work with them.
  • Stakers: Participants who stake tokens to vote for trustworthy Miners and coordinators. They will be rewarded for their stakes.
  • Staking Contract: A smart contract where Miners and coordinators register and stakers vote for them.
  • Coordinator Node: Generative AI applications call APIs of this node to offer GPU tasks like prompt to generate images in the network.
  • Miner Node: GPU providers run miner node to undertake the task execution with GPUs.


Task assignment and scheduler is a critical function within the Cuckoo AI ecosystem, ensuring efficient and fair distribution of tasks from coordinators to Miners.

However, nodes must establish trust before getting into the system. Thus, all participants must stake tokens before they take any roles.

Then, generative AI app builders, aka coordinators, run the coordinator node with a private key whose address has been registered with the staking contracts. This node reads miner registration from the staking contracts and then listens to requests coming from miner nodes.

GPU providers run the miner node which will fetch info from staking contracts as well and poll the coordinators for pending tasks.

When the generative AI app offers a task to the coordinator, the coordinator will assign the task to the active miner addresses according to their stakes as weights. Then the corresponding miners work on the task and finally submit the results to the coordinator.


The Cuckoo Network introduces a unique decentralized AI-to-Earn platform, emphasizing collaboration and trust. By employing staking mechanisms and incentives, it ensures the authenticity and engagement of all participants, including developers, GPU miners, and stakers. This approach guarantees reliable task distribution and fosters a sustainable environment for advancing decentralized AI technologies. Cuckoo invites more users to explore its network, offering them the opportunity to contribute to AI development while earning cryptocurrency.

· 4 min read
Lark Birdy

Breaking New Ground in AI with Cuckoo

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems hold unprecedented potential to reshape industries, yet their development has been stifled by issues inherent to centralized frameworks. These range from significant privacy concerns to limitations in computational accuracy and a vulnerability to censorship. The need for a more open and robust AI infrastructure is clear, and Cuckoo emerges as a transformative solution to these challenges.

Why are we building the Cuckoo Platform?

Cuckoo represents an innovative leap forward, establishing a decentralized AI infrastructure that fosters a community-driven governance model. This approach addresses the critical aspects of safety, funding, strategic alignment, and the sustainable evolution of AI models, paving the way for a new era of decentralized intelligence.

Overcoming Censorship

Cuckoo enables breakthroughs in accessibility, allowing AI applications to transcend geographical limits and evade restrictive networks, thus democratizing access to cutting-edge AI technologies worldwide.

Prioritizing Privacy

At the heart of Cuckoo's ethos is the commitment to user privacy, achieved through advanced statistical and cryptographic methods that maintain high performance while safeguarding user data.

Ensuring Trust through Comprehensive Verification

Cuckoo introduces rigorous validation protocols that enhance the authenticity and reliability of results produced by AI models, regardless of their complexity or foundational nature.

Technical Decentralization of AI with Cuckoo

The Cuckoo AI Ecosystem

Leveraging blockchain technology, the Cuckoo AI ecosystem distributes AI tasks across a network of Miners while Coordinators oversee the quality and relevance of the outputs. The ecosystem operates on Cuckoo Pay, a blockchain-based payment system that facilitates smooth transactions within the platform.

Cuckoo Decentralized Multimodal AI Platform

Key Components of the Cuckoo Ecosystem

  • Miners: Entities that execute AI tasks using their computational resources.
  • App Builders (Coordinator Nodes): Developers who create AI applications and manage task distribution and quality control.
  • Stakers: Participants who stake tokens to support trustworthy Miners and coordinators.
  • Staking Contract: A smart contract where Miners and coordinators register and are voted upon by stakers.
  • Blob Storage: A decentralized solution for storing AI task outputs.
  • Cuckoo Pay: The payment system for all transactions within the Cuckoo ecosystem.


  1. Registration and Staking: Miners and App Builders register with the staking contract and stake tokens.
  2. Task Assignment: Coordinators assign tasks to Miners, who then execute the tasks and upload the results to Blob Storage.
  3. Validation and Payment: Coordinators validate the results and initiate payments through Cuckoo Pay.
  4. Governance and Compliance: The platform includes mechanisms like slashing conditions to handle non-compliance and ensure the ecosystem's integrity.

How to get started?

For AI users, go to Claim your free points with /faucet and then /imagine <prompt> the image you want to generate.

- /tip <0x.. or @username> <amount> : tip the recipient address or telegram @username

- /balance : show the balance of the current account's wallet

- /imagine <prompt> : generate image according to your prompt

- /faucet : claim your daily free points

Cuckoo Decentralized Multimodal AI Platform

For miners and AI App builders, subscribe to the following newsletter for future updates.


Cuckoo is not just a platform but a paradigm shift in how AI is developed and deployed, emphasizing decentralization, privacy, and community governance. By transforming the landscape of AI development, Cuckoo sets the stage for a more equitable and accessible technological future.

Cuckoo's open infrastructure champions an AI future that is more inclusive, secure, and efficient, promising profound impacts across various sectors and global markets.