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Cuckoo AI Onchain Creative Platform for Anime Fandom

Create and share your gen AI arts. Share your GPU or CPU with Gen AI App builders to generate images and perform LLM inference on Cuckoo Chain.

How does it work?

Cuckoo incentivizes GPU miners to serve AI models to generative App builders. We started with decentralized image generation but aim to expand our platform to support various AI models.

1. Trust

GPU miners, developers, and stakers stake and vote with blockchain smart contracts to establish trust.

2. Tasks & Rewards

Gen AI Apps assign tasks to GPU miners via the Cuckoo AI node, with daily ERC20 payments based on results.

3. Modular Support

Our modular components ensure that AI remains accessible, transparent, anti-censorship, and privacy-preserving.

From AI builders to consumers, we got you covered.

Features 02
Get rewarded by contributing to Gen AI

. For AI Consumers

Access a variety of AI apps for free, by contributing to the ecosystem or using Cuckoo Pay. If one app is blocked, seamlessly switch to another coordinator within the decentralized network.

. For App Builders/Coordinators

Run a coordinator node, stake to join the network, and earn staking rewards. Reduce GPU costs, expand your customer base, assign tasks to GPU miners, validate results, and distribute payments.

. For GPU Miners

Run a miner node, stake to join the network, and earn staking rewards. Share your GPU resources, complete assigned tasks, and maintain reliable service to earn tokens.

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Experience Decentralized Model-Serving

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