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Cuckoo AI Overview

⚡️ Cuckoo AI is a decentralized model-serving marketplace enabling GPU and CPU miners to share their resources with generative AI app builders for image generation and LLM inference.

🧠 Cuckoo AI offers three key innovations:

  • Decentralized Multimodal Inference:
    • Coordinator Nodes schedule inference tasks based on customer needs
    • GPU Miner Nodes perform inference by sharing GPU resources
  • Cuckoo Chain an Arbitrum Orbit rollup for decentralized AI
  • $CUC, the native coin for computing unit credits

💎 $CUC Overview:

  1. Stake to establish trust in the AI network
  2. Generate and share value
  3. Reward contributors (builders, partners, and users)
  4. Facilitate governance
  5. Separate from stable-coin miner task rewards

🌊 Get Cuckoo Testnet Token

  • Visit the Faucet
  • Use the /faucet command
  • Check your transaction at Cuckoo Scan
  • Generate images with /imagine a cute dog
  • Done!

🔗 Useful links: